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I stopped in today and met proprietor Andrew Marciello. Friendliest guy in the world. Do you have a book related idea you'd like to present? Andrew wants to hear from you. Great to have a community minded business in our community! Space is great, plenty of books. Relaxed corners and spaces to sit and read a chapter or two.

Todd Waddington - 3/29/17

Had a great time playing with the baby in the nice spacious children's area. So many great and random books - found a pristine unabridged collection of Babar stories for a great price. We will definitely be spending some time here.

Melanie Miller Kaufman - 9/27/16

Lovely mix of new and used books in a shop with a laid-back vibe and a charming owner. Glad to've found you!

Sarah Bee - 2/19/17

I could spend HOURS browsing, and I always find something to buy.

A. Dawn McCall - 3/29/17

I never go to this wonderful addition to our community without buying something.

Edward Stein - 3/29/17

Really nice and helpful owner, great downtown business, good prices, child friendly with toys, seating, and coffee!

Jennifer Klein - 9/9/16

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